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in which I am being indecisive

I have to decide in the next few hours whether I am going to go to the Glasgow Green fireworks - which was my original plan - or whether I'm going to go to NS so that I can dance the Wee Bus (which I danced last week, but that is not the point) and Remco's new dance, and maybe find victims to test Speedy Thomas.
(Or, I suppose, go to Meadowbank, but that involves paying money to sit in a seat, and Disney themed fireworks, which doesn't seem right somehow)

Then I have to decide by tomorrow if I am going to go down to the borders on Saturday
(For: It's supposed to be sunny and cold and clear, which is perfect wandering weather, and the last leaves are still on the trees, and I want to go.
Against: I've had a lot of busy weekends lately, and early starts at weekends, and I've just been in England, and I haven't been to see my gramma for weeks. But doing things makes me feel more alive, and I could sleep in on Sunday and go to see her next week...)

... and then probably decide against Yuletide, because although writing a completely random story could be quite fun, it could also be really not fun at all.

I also need to find out if there are still Dunedin Assembly tickets, and actually post the letter I wrote to the people who are not GNER.
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