Jen (ylla) wrote,


I am back in Edinburgh, after an eventful journey back involving a very late, very overheated Glasgow train, where you had to pay for internet and could only pay for it with a credit card. I am glad I live on the east coast, and mostly go up and down that way (in spite of my experiences with East Coast staff and the ticket I didn't need. They are apparently forgiven).
I did want to be back over the border last night, and in a proper bed - a very nice information man at King's Cross wanted me to reserve a seat on the sleeper to get back directly to Edinburgh, and I think was confused that I would rather go off to Euston and Glasgow.

There is not noticeably any less snow here.

I didn't find any internet access over the weekend, so the posts I wrote (and possibly those I haven't written yet) will be appearing in bits.
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