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Things I should have written about and haven't:
  • the London adventure
  • the Northumberland adventure
  • the German adventure
  • adventure plans for this year

    Things I need to decide about:
  • my birthday party
  • fiddle classes
  • trip choreography

    This weekend is New Scotland's annual dance, which means a fairly busy weekend - I have no plans for tonight, but I'm running the walkthrough tomorrow afternoon, dancing at night, and hopefully making it to the party afterwards.

    I appear to not be getting out of competing at the Newcastle Festival after all - I had realised that if I didn't want to do technique, I got to go to Newcastle on a train at noon instead of a bus at 8am, and to mess about in dem class with the other leftovers for the next few weeks, instead of being picked on for everything I did wrong, which seemed quite tempting. But apparently they no longer have plenty of ladies without me...
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