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My assignment is all assignmented, and I'm free to do other things, like walk in the Meadows. which is nice, but a bit full of school children.

So far this year I have mostly been celebrating my birthday - I went down to Newcastle on new year's day, and did some coastal wandering, and had a drink with one friend and lunch with some others, and then I came home and it was actually my birthday and I had lunch with all my family, and then on the monday I got sausages in bread and a face pudding for my tea.
And then it worked round to Friday again, and tigger_boing and I1 set off for a double header of dance in Newcastle on Friday night and dance in Edinburgh on Saturday night, with a walk at Kielder and some adventuring along very wiggly roads in between.
(And at various points in the middle I worried about the assignment, but didn't do much about it.)

And now the term has started at work...

1 and Clarabel, who is a small purple car who likes adventures as long as she doesn't get fishes in her engine.
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