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Trying to be positive

I have resolved to come up with three positive things every day in September.

Which could be challenging, because I'm worn out from a chaotic weekend and hectic day, and I think I'm getting a cold - and also because life is such a muddle that picking out only good things seems just as wrong as picking out only the bad ones. But I'll have a go.

Day 1
1. The festival is over and I can have my lovely city back.
(To be fair, I don't grudge Edinburgh to the people who come to see Edinburgh - or only when they stand completely blocking the pavement! But the festival - or the Fringe - is parachuted in from outside with very little regard for the city and the people living in it.)
2. There is a picture of a boat for September in my little calendar.
3. The sun shone nearly all day.
(This may be a positive thing every time it happens, because it never fails to cheer me up!)

Day 2
1. Sainsbury's have good wraps again - chicken thali (unless that‘s trains). For a while they didn't have any I liked, which was annoying as it's the shop closest to work.
2. Someone had apparently spilled porridge oats in the road on my way home, and a pigeon was busy eating it. (This is possibly more an amusing thing, but I have always liked small randomnesses.)
3. I'm listening to Leonard Cohen - which is admittedly not necessarily a very cheerful thing, but his songs are very clever, and I like that.
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