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How not to do Yuletide

I have been a poster child for how not to do Yuletide this year - signed up even though I knew I'd struggle for time, didn't find any inspiration until less than a week before the deadline and then immediately got distracted by family crisis, got the thing roughly written at the very last moment and then got ill before I could edit it, so that it wasn't really *done* until late on Christmas Eve. So I didn't write the kind of story I wanted to write, and I didn't really do what I was trying to with the story I wrote, and I didn't go hunting round trying to find out all the little things my recipient would like, and I didn't look up the little details I would have sneaked in. But I've had some nice comments all the same, so I'm not feeling as bad for my recipient as I did, and I'll do better next year!

I haven't read all that much yet either - I got a very nice Heyer fic myself, and I've been dotting through the rest of the Heyer stuff and a few other things that caught my eye, but leaving the Aubreyad until I had a bit more concentration to spare. And then I still have to have an orgy of commenting on the advent calendar, and I have other fic to catch up on, and it will all be very nice, but right now the sun is shining, and I haven't been outside for two days!
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