Jen (ylla) wrote,

January stats

Miles walked: 121.5
Fiddle days: 26/25
Blog posts made: 4/4 (Roddam, Old Botanic Gardens, Burns Monument, Calton Hill, Throwback: The Keith Mausoleum, Kincardine)
AoS books read: The rest of the one about the Lunar Society, the start of one about gardens
Fic written: Odd bits in my head.
Decent walks gone on: Rapunzel's Tower, Black Mount, Kielder Dam, Muncaster Fell, Humphrey Head, Loch Ard Forest
Walk reports written: Black Mount from Dolphinton, Muncaster Fell and Irton Pike, Arnside Knott, Humphrey Head and Hampsfell, Shillhope Law
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