Possibly the oddest headcanon ever

While trying rather ineptly to fill out a last minute yuletide sign up, it suddenly occurs to that the Dowager Duchess of Denver could very well be a descendent of Brigid Maturin and George Aubrey - she's got that perfect mix of Stephen's interest in absolutely everything and Jack's inability to ever keep the words straight...
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Going on a bear hunt

I finally got round to the bear amnesty, which produced seven bears (or at least something like nets of bears, in the primary school maths sense), and seven and a half small scarfs, which isn't bad - I suspect some of the bears are still hiding from me, though.

Stripy project continues, although it has a lot more than twelve stripes now. And another finished project emerged from hiding during the bear hunt and is now pinned out to block on the new playmat tiles.

That may be all my news.

A different kind of weekend

Not much energy to get anything done this weekend - and I have hurt my leg in some mysterious way, so I can't go anywhere much either. I did limp down to the woods at Cammo, but mostly I am trying to finish knitting twelve (long) stripes into my new project, and reading a book about Mrs Beeton.

Since the previous list I have made a surprising amount of apple and ginger jam, but the bike tyre is not reassembled, and no more crabapples are in the gin.

I am going to the hospital tomorrow, but I don't think anyone knows why - I certainly don't, and when I asked the lady on the phone she said it was 'to speak to the consultant about my treatment', which might be a bit difficult when no one has found anything wrong with me.

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The time has come, the walrus said

I am attempting to have the kind of weekend when some things actually get done - not big things, but things.

  • Catch apples
  • Make apple cake
  • Wash and freeze last sloes
  • Put frozen sloes in gin
  • Take books to library
  • Don't take out any more books
  • Pick more crabapples
  • Put crabapples in gin
  • Sew up Donald Duck
  • Finish knitting the last colourful square
  • Sew in ends of awkward square
  • Check postage
  • Make parcel of squares
  • Knit bear scarf
  • Reassemble bike tyre
  • Write lj post
  • Catch up with weekend photos

Derailed slightly by Donald (smallcousin's jumper, not an actual duck) taking much longer than I hoped...

In which they are still sharp

There doesn't seem to be so much competition for sloes this year - I've got a fair number without getting more than slightly prickled, whereas last year I had to more or less climb into the bushes and then stretch up above my head for what was left. So that is useful.

A question I hadn't thought to ask

All the mirrors in the Princes Street Gardens toilets are covered up with sheets of paper saying 'Please do not remove' (written on in pen).

Someone has now added underneath one of them 'Can you catch covid from a reflection?'
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