Adventures in the spirit

I have been leading an exciting life in my dreams this week, if not in reality. On Tuesday night I went to Australia, and then (by crossing a perfectly ordinary bridge) to New Zealand, where all the houses were pink. On Wednesday night I went to visit phlebas, although I can't remember what we did when I got there. Last night wasn't so fun, though, because I fell down a muddy hole higher than my head, and woke myself up trying to shout for someone to come and rescue me.

Tonight (in real life) I have been updating the list of all the maps I own, so that I can try to figure out what to buy in Black's sale.

December stats

1527.7 miles for the year, spurious accuracy notwithstanding. 297 fiddle days, for which I am Blaming The Tories.

Not much of anything else. Too much December.

Miles walked: 126.3
Fiddle days: 25/25
Concerts seen: Does the end of term Stramash count?
Blog posts made: None. I haven't exactly written nothing, but no whole ones!
AoS books read: A not quite AoS one about Hooke and Halley
Decent walks gone on: A morning wander to the Nymphenburg palace, two days on the Yorkshire coast. Otherwise mostly a lot of prowling around.
Walk reports written: None

November stats

Not the most successful month. I think this is the first time since I started counting that I haven't walked 100 miles in a month - for which the Coughing Bug is thoroughly to blame, but it's still displeasing. And despite it being picowrimo month, I still seemed to achieve more knitting than writing...

Miles walked: 89.3
Fiddle days: 29/25
Concerts seen: Too many to list in the fiddle festival
Blog posts made: 2/4 (Collingwood Society round up, Wild and Majestic exhibition)
AoS books read: One about the siege of Quebec.
Decent walks gone on: A short wander to Scone Palace, a slightly longer one at Blanchland. Not really a walking month.
Walk reports written: Blencathra in the rain, A Skiddaw traverse

What is life if, full of care...

Today I walked past an Admonitory Bench. It said on it, 'Don't just sit there. DO something.'

I will sit on you if I like, bench. You have a nice view.

Anyway, what is the point of a bench if you can't sit on it?

Maybe it is a presbyterian bench, crippled with self-doubt and worrying that by existing it is keeping people from doing their useful work in the world.

New year

The problem with the idea of starting the year as you mean to go on is that you generally start it by staying up too late and drinking too much. Getting argumentative at 3am is less obligatory, but I still managed it.

I have been reading a book about Robert Hooke, who never really stopped working, but did reserve New Year's Day for the work of looking back at the past year and planning the year ahead. This is a nice idea, but I'm still stuck on figuring out what to do with the last days of the holidays.


I've been meaning to make a Proper Post all month, but December is December, and...

This is not it.

This morning I was sitting on the beach in the sunshine eating ice cream - Scarborough beach, with my coat on, but it was still quite lovely. I'm now eating shortbread (a proper hogmanay food) in Newcastle, due to being booked on a train that doesn't exist and having to wait for the next one. I am philosophical about this as long as I am over the border before midnight, which shouldn't be too difficult...

Fuzzy searching

I feel like my plants could do with some food, and since the Bargain Stores only have food for tomatoes, and B+Q is too far away, I tried searching some less likely suspects for plant food.

M+S offered me falafel, which I can at least kind of see where they're coming from.

Tesco offered me dog food.

B+M offered me laminate flooring.

Measurement systems

My dad is supposed to be recording his fluid intake, but is finding this difficult - because although he makes himself a whole cup of tea, he might, he reports, only drink two half-mouthfuls of it, and he doesn't know how to write this down.
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