A question I hadn't thought to ask

All the mirrors in the Princes Street Gardens toilets are covered up with sheets of paper saying 'Please do not remove' (written on in pen).

Someone has now added underneath one of them 'Can you catch covid from a reflection?'
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May morning

The sunrise was stunning, although not quite as photogenic as it was impressive in real life, somehow - not that there was ever much of the sun in view, but certainly better than it looked like it might be on the way in, when all there seemed to be ahead was great grey clouds.

I hadn't realised how much it would be over the sea - I came up on the top and rushed over to the little summit on the coast side for a better view.

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But it does mean that I've been up since 3am. Worth it, probably, but a long day.
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Return of the library

Ooh, apparently both my local library* and my favourite library are opening up again on Monday.

I've been making a vague mental list of books I want to read but not enough to buy them, although of course some of it has wandered off now I need it - and some of the books are in other libraries, and reservations aren't back. But it's a start.

*I have checked, and the most local library is actually the one at the other end of the **village, although it feels further away. But close enough.

**'The village' in this case being the older area which the city swallowed, and the other library being in the newer houses on the hill...
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And sunrise is sunrise

There is a local tradition that if you wash your face in the dew on Arthur’s Seat at sunrise on on the 1st of May, you'll become beautiful. While I think it’s really a bit late for that, most years I vaguely consider it, and then forget all about it as the week goes on round.

But this year the 1st is a Saturday, and weeks still don't really go round anyway - I'm slightly put off as usual by the fact that sunrise is at 5:30 and Arthur's Seat is quite far away, but although I'd like to still feel awake enough to do a Feis Rois fiddle workshop at 10am, it doesn't matter much after that.

I have no idea how you know if there's going to be dew, though. Does it always happen, or only on special occasions?
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In which there is unheard of excitement

Someone has come round the streets with an Actual Loudhailer!

Of course, all I heard as it went past was 'make your vote count', but never mind.

(ETA: Actually, when I went out for a quick walk it chased me all along the street shouting that it was Alex Salmond, but I preferred the first interaction.)
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The only island

Today we had both kinds of weather at once - glorious looking sunshine, and very cold air. I went over to Cramond island - little local tidal island - with the wind nearly blowing me off the causeway and giving me sore ears, and went round the side with no path because it was more sheltered - there's a lovely feeling of wildness in spots out there, although it's so close to the tame promenade on the shore.

It's more than a year since I've been on any other island - they're not essential, I suppose, and the year when I went to 10 Scottish ones and finished up with Anglesey in the autumn was an outlier, but there can't have been many years in the last, umm, many when I wasn't on at least one, if only as a daytrip from Tarbert, or with the Waverley. I was on Seil and Luing last February, I suppose, so maybe I'll make it to another before the calendar year runs out...
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Mixed weather

I had an idea yesterday that I was going to go for a proper long walk, right over to the hills for the first time this year, but as it turned out the weather was so nice that I just sat on the back step until it was too late for that.

So then I had a new idea that I would walk out to a little hill with a lovely view over to the Pentlands - they had a beautiful haze on them - but I got as far as the lake at Riccarton, sat down to eat lunch, and had a lovely time sunbathing there.

So then I just walked up to Currie and did some more sunbathing on the grass below the church - a lovely day, but definitely not the kind of setting out to get somewhere that I had originally planned.

And today I could have walked as far as I liked, really, with nothing else to do, but with a bitterly cold wind blowing it wasn't very tempting...

In which there is springing

Our snow has all vanished mysteriously in the night. Yesterday was theoretically well above freezing, but it was a cold damp day, and although everything was dripping a bit it seemed to make little difference to the snow - and then you would think the night is a cold time, but suddenly this morning there were only tiny fragments of the snow left.

This morning when I went for a quick walk the first glimpses of yellow were showing on crocuses, and I was pleased - the snowdrops are pretty, but they’re not colourful. By the time I went out again lunchtime those flowers were fully out, and others joining them. I suppose they’ve got some catching up to do!