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good things and bad things

When I woke up yesterday morning (after a disturbed sort of night where I couldn't get to sleep at all without something to hold onto - which was a very small pen, oddly), I had itchy blotches in a line down the middle of my forehead. I have no idea why. I was vaguely aware of having been itchy in my sleep, and had obviously already been scratching it, because it was all sore and weepy :/
Today it's healed a bit, but is still there as a line of lumps. I can't decide whether I'm splitting in half or about to grow a line of small horns like a star trek alien.
I have the same sort of dried up weepy itchiness inside my ears, but I think that comes from wearing cheap earphones which the foam had all disintegrated off. That'll teach me.
This is a bad thing, except that I can tell everyone about it.
I want to go to safeways and buy food, but I'm scared everyone will stare at my lumps.

I tried to have a half birthday party (the idea amused me) but nobody came. Oh well. It was too nice a night to sit in a gloomy pub anyway.

I'm getting sent a present, but I haven't got it yet :)

I was woken up this morning (I couldn't sleep last night until I went and found the very small furless rabbit I've had since I was 6 months old and huggled her instead of the nice big fluffy Paulo bear) by an Orange Walk walking along Dumbarton Road, making a lot of noise. There are better things to make a band out of than flutes and drums. As if this wasn't enough, another one, or part of the same one coming back, just went past in the opposite direction. At least it was quieter about it. This isn't even the weekend nearest to the 12th - if they'd waited until next weekend I could have realised what was going to happen and go to Edinburgh. Bah.

I have an interview on the 18th :( This should be a good thing, only:

  • it's an interview. This means meanie people out to get me.
  • the job, although cool (library assistanting), is only part time.
  • it's in edinburgh.
  • it's a scary interview.
  • I have to wear silly clothes.
  • and be asked difficult questions.
  • you get the idea.

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