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I was a good girl yesterday.
Well, almost.

I was meant to be going to Edinburgh to play with vililee and undone, however due to me not waking up in time to do the things I wanted to do beforehand, and then a general disinclination to move that far, it didn't happen.
Instead, I spent quite a while sitting around playing crystal caves and spodding and reading livejournal, while trying to decide if I should still go or not. I eventually decided that this was a bit pointless, and I should be useful instead.
So I started working on the principle that if I did all the things I didn't want to, I could do whatever I wanted to afterwards.
So I washed all my dishes, and even hung up the washing that had been sitting in a damp heap (Hanging washing on the pulley is one of the jobs I absolutely hate, as it tires me out of all proportion to the actual effort involved. Ick).
And then I got to make treacle scones :)
They turned out a bit more like treacle biscuits - I think I didn't put enough baking powder in them, unless out of date treacle makes things flat. But they were yummy anyway. I made 7, and by the end of yesterday there were only 2.
After that I tried to play with Mavis Beacon teaches typing some more (I'm trying again to learn to type with all my fingers) but I just got frustrated by my fingers' lack of ability to move one at a time while the rest stay in the same place, and spodded instead.
Then I read for a bit, and watched Frontier House (the people are mostly annoying, but I quite like the idea. I always liked the Little House books) and The West Wing (which was about cheese and spies and CJ being scared by maps, and was quite enjoyable).
And I had kebab for my tea because of being too lazy to cook, which was bad, I suppose.
I can't remember what I did after that. Probably I spodded ;)
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