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The ball season has started, so my weekends have become hectic again :)

This Saturday was New Scotland's dance, so at least didn't involve much travelling (although I still managed to nearly be late, despite carefully planning to be early...).
The dance was very good (although the hall was excessively dusty), I danced with lots of people, and didn't dance with others I would have liked to, the music was good, and it was generally a good night, except that my feet hurt by halfway through.
And that I can't waltz (except in circles), but that's not anything new.
There was the usual party afterwards, but I was feeling more exhausted than sociable, although I think I lasted a fairly respectable length of time before tigger_boing took pity on me and took me home.

Sunday was even more tiring, as despite knowing that we had to be at a dance practice by 1.30, tigger_boing and I still went ice skating at Murrayfield at 12. That was less painful than I expected, as it seemed to use mainly muscles that weren't already sore from dancing, and I seem to be getting noticeably better at stopping, and hopefully improving generally.
The practice was interesting, and the display really seemed to be coming together well, which is nice, but it was hard work, and all the muscles that hadn't hurt at skating started hurting again.
After that we went on a caffeine hunt (we were down in the New Town/Stockbridge, where I've very rarely been), and then I spent most of the rest of the afternoon and evening curled up on cblgg1's couch :)

I've been quiet the last two weeks due to being temporarily employed with no internet access, but I'm now temporarily unemployed again, and back to trying to get rid of many years worth of junk - I've taken another two bags of clothes to charity shops and four bags of paper/magazines to the recycling bins, but there's still a lot of less defineable stuff to get rid of.

I had a fairly peaceful evening last night to try to recover from the weekend - committee meeting to prepare for the next ball (which I seem to be running the walkthroughs for, not sure how that happened...), but then really just dinner and relatively early bed. I may well be out every other night this week, so it was probably a good plan :)
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