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I had a fairly quiet weekend, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Friday night I intended to go to the Book Festival to a talk about Newfoundland and Labrador, but owing to the unhelpful interaction of buses and tourists I was running late and decided to go for a slightly damp walk instead, down into the New Town where I don't often go.

On Saturday afternoon I meant to go shopping, until I remembered that I was going to Stirling for outcastheretic's flatwarming, which I kept forgetting about. It was fairly quiet, but good fun. Arrived back in Edinburgh off the last train at about midnight and started walking homewards to let the bus catch up with me rather than standing waiting at the stop, and discovered that you get a very nice view of the end of tattoo fireworks from out towards Roseburn. Waited down there for the nightbus to arrive, but instead a random 31 came along (half an hour at least after the last one should run), so I saved a pound :)

Sunday was spent at the book festival, on and off - this was my Gaelic day.
The first talk I went to in the morning had one man who had written a book about prehistoric scotland, and one who had written a book about gaelic and its current state - I wasn't sure how well this would go together, but it was a very interesting hour, even if I didn't agree with eveything said. I've not bought either book yet as I don't do hardbacks, but I probably will if a paperback version appears.
I'd intended to spend the afternoon looking for new clothes and shoes, but I started off by heading home to retrieve my lost phone and then went to hand in forms, so I only really got as far as the shoe shops. When I really needed shoes a few months ago (not having any without holes you could se right through in either the soles or the heels), there were no shoes to be found that weren't pink or otherwise unsuitable, but now there are suddenly many that I like... I may have to buy lots of shoes and turn into a Girl.
The next talk was about Gaelic song - it was more of a sing than a talk, and was very good (although almost everyone else in the audience was at least 20 years older than me, but I decided not to care).
After that I went to eat pizza with cblgg1, who had texted me to complain that he was bored, but he made the mistake of giving me SFX to read, so he didn't get much entertainment out of me.
My last talk of the day was Gaelic fiction, which was almost the same as the talk two years ago - a new novel by a man who'd written a book of short stories then, and a novel finally appeared that we had heard about then.
It was interesting, but the tent was very hot and stuffy and I was tired, and it just seemed to take a bit more concentration than I had by that point. I've not bought either of those books yet either, but I might have to - a Gaelic book set in the cafe of the Drumbrae sports centre sounds too intriguing to miss...

I will hopefully write more later, but I'm going now to visit cblgg1 and eat blue food (which will hopefully be blueberry pie, but apparently the last attempt was more like blueberry soup...)
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