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Nice weekend

On Saturday night I went to Glasgow to a dance. It was good, and I got to see lots of Glasgow dancing people, and danced until my feet hurt.

On Sunday I got to have an extra hour of sleep, and went to the zoo in the rain with NS people to see the new koalas (which I'd already seen twice, but that's beside the point). This was cool.
It stopped raining not long after we got there, which was useful, but I think the rain in the morning had put off any new people who might have been thinking of coming.
We got a much better view of the koalas than I'd had before, as they were both awake at the same time (partly due to being confiscated to be weighed - koalas look confused when people pick them up from behind and carry them off), and climbing about and eating, instead of just being sleepy lumps of fur. They're more skinny than we expected, which may be due to eating poisonous food.

After that we mostly went back to N+R's, originally for coffee, followed by bread and jam, then followed by getting takeaway (with sound effects. 'What meat do you want?' 'Duck.' '*Quack*' 'I'll have chicken with cashew nuts.' 'What noise does a cashew nut make?') and conversation including the idea of fishes sitting on the bottom of the sea holding humaning rods with chocolate attached, and the question of how exactly you get tuna steaks into tins. Also much geekery from NW and SB, which I enjoyed.
I stayed up a bit too late for a Sunday night and have been very sleepy all day, but it was worth it - that kind of random good time doesn't seem to happen nearly often enough :)
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