Jen (ylla) wrote,

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too much dancing

I have a lovely bruise on my knee from where I bang down on it at the end of the Stirling dem, and my legs were so tired last night they wouldn't stay still and let me go to sleep. This week is going to be interesting...
(Practice last night, dress rehearsal on Wednesday, performance at NS on Thursday, proper performance on stage at the Pleasance on Friday, competition on Saturday morning - and then a dance on Saturday night. Fun.)

Apart from that, I have made pancakes with the assistance of cblgg1, danced, been depressed by the magical reproductive properties of dirty dishes, gone to a trip practice, been fed roast dinner by tigger_boing, visited vililee, and been to see Howl's Moving Castle with the NS crowd (I don't remember it being *quite* that bizarre the first time round...)
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