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The ceilidh was good :)
There turned out to be just four people in our group - me, Blair (who used to belong to the glasgow dance group but then moved to Stonehaven), Carolyne (who is the president), and her bf Gordon (who doesn't belong at all). I'd hoped that more people would turn up, but it was ok - there seemed to be a surfeit of men in the room, so I got asked to dance randomly quite a lot, and I danced with Blair quite a lot, which was fun. Having a regular partner for an evening can be good, if it's someone you like and enjoy dancing with, because you get more used to the way they move. It can make it difficult to adjust to less experienced dancers, though ;) (I've never had a really regular partner, because I've never had a dancing bf. I've been told that's even better, though).
I got very hot, and very tired, and generally had fun :)

I thought I was very tired when I got home, so I went to bed, but it turned out that my body was too tired and my mind too excited still. I might have slept for a while, and then I *thought* I was asleep, and having a horrible dream about dances that wouldn't go right, but after a while I had one of those realisations (does anyone else get them?) that I was actually awake and had been for quite a while, and I was just kidding myself on. So then I was quite wide awake. Although it was still dark, I hoped that it was nearly morning and I'd been asleep for quite a while before that, but it turned out to be not even 4 o'clock. So then I had to try to sleep again, and it didn't work very well. I tried listening to music, and that did help to pass the time, but it just made me even more awake. So I stopped, and turned over to have a drink of water and then snuggle down and see what happened, but the water decided to jump all over me instead. Fortunately most of it went on me and my bear (which could be dried or dispensed with) and not on the actual bed (which couldn't). and then sometime after tht I did get to sleep. But I've been feeling notright all day. It's getting better, but I feel like it should be about 1pm, not 6.
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