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Where did that weekend go? One minute there was lots of it left, and the next minute there was none.

Anyway, Friday and Saturday involved staying up until 3am reading a Very Good Book (and eating raspberries at 2am, because I got hungry), frantically washing dishes before the return of outcastheretic, visiting my gramma, buying a CD rack and a small saucepan and a purple box file, and visiting cblgg1 to eat chinese food and try to get through my Doctor Who backlog - we managed the three I hadn't seen, but failed to watch that day's due to the cup final overrunning and messing up the recording. Grr. Also he showed me 'The Wrong Trousers', which I had never seen :)
Sunday had more shopping (a purple notebook and grey thread to mend my trousers and my bag and a laundry basket) and some washing and tidying and a bath and a fairly long (9 and a bit pages of notes for the minutes, as opposed to 3 and a bit for each of the two before) but interesting and hopefully useful IVFDF meeting which ended with tigger_boing and outcastheretic joining us to distract us and drink tea.

And then suddenly it was nearly midnight and there was no more weekend.
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