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Rems has very kindly given me a CD of norwegian music, which makes up for cblgg1 taking his CD away again. It's a weird mix of stuff, some very odd[1], but mostly very good, especially Sjøfararsong, which gives me (good) shivers all over me :)

Over the weekend I have managed to acquire lights and a lock for a bike I don't have yet (a present from my father), a new bag (grey, and bigger than the green bag), several catalogues, and a new skirt (very pretty, and nearly short enough to keep AG happy, but too good for dem class), and failed to buy shoes, which is what I really need.
I don't seem to have done very much otherwise (but the radio just reminded me of this :) ).

Work has mostly involved chasing down people who are supposed to be marking stuff to get them to take it away, then chasing them again to get them to bring it back.

I think I had more things to say, but I've forgotten them.

[1] When I was first getting to know cblgg1 I thought his tendency to think more or less sideways to everyone else was a personal peculiarity, but I'm becoming more and more convinced it's a national characteristic.
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