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This is not the real post

I am not doing very well at getting through this week's to do list - I have done some things not on the list, but that doesn't mean that the original things go away.

I am also not very awake today, due to:
a) someone trying to get into our flat at 3.30am by ringing the buzzer for about 5 minutes
b) a mouse getting into my bedroom and trying very loudly to climb into my bin, with much rustling[1]
c) the wind trying very loudly to blow down the trees outside the window
d) random small hours worrying
all conspiring to keep me awake for about half the night.

Last night we had a ceilidh, which was good fun, but had very few people at it. However, this did mean that there was actually space to dance for once...

Also I was pleased because I got 'fantastisk' written on my norwegian homework - but cblgg1 told me that it's cheating for me to have two norwegian speakers to talk to about stuff, even though I basically did the homework myself, so now I'm not so happy.

I have put in my holiday requests for IVFDF and the Dunedin festival, which is quite organised.

[1]I do not hugely mind mice being in the flat as long as they're quiet about it, but I would prefer that they stayed out of my room.
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