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Weekend update and future plans

Book annual band - at four bands who can't do it so far, I think
Make a list of NS events and things that need to be done for them - mmm, organisation
Say Things about advertising and communication and organisation and how they can be improved... - still needs done. I'm not feeling any huge enthusiasm for it. (it needs to be 'these are the things we need to do in future' rather than a rant, and I'm not feeling particularly organised or communicative to set a good example.)
Write the IVFDF meeting minutes - I now need to send them out.
Write an article for Dancing Forth - thought about it, avoided it :)
Start working on the IVFDF dance programme - next step is probably to hunt out old programmes for ideas
Tidy - well, I did get rid of the dirty clothes and the rubbish, but I still have piles of books and other papery things all over the floor that I haven't been able to face sorting out yet.
Wash clothes
Buy food
Buy a sheet to go with red bedcovers
I now have a very exciting looking bed :)
Write a proper lj entry

I also bought dark blue thread for mending my trousers and green thread for mending my bag (which is beyond repair, but I'm attached to it), and send emails about IVFDF stuff, and had baths, and slept a lot, and maybe I did more things, but I don't remember now.

New plan for the week:

Make beginners dance fliers
Find an annual band
Say Things about advertising and communication and organisation and how they can be improved
Write an article for Dancing Forth
Dig out old IVFDF scottish dance programmes
for ideas
Take IVFDF fliers to rapper
Speak to tai chi teacher about IVFDF

The hope is to have a weekend off from organisational stuff, except what is directly related to the beginners' dance - we shall see...
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