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Tomorrow my passport is going to be delivered to me, and then I will be able to go to Germany, which is useful... also Belgium at easter, which I should book the flights for today :)
All my family are going to Canada without me, which is my own fault, but still Not Fair.

No more IVFDF people have sent me mail, and I am getting annoyed, because I want to make lists of things. But Rems has make sure that we have at least some rooms booked for dancing in, which is definitely a good thing :)

I didn't sleep well last night, and dreamt that there was a mouse in my bed (there wasn't).

Not enough people went to the pub last night, but it was good anyway, especially with unexpected i_am_sailing. I prefer Tuesday pubbing to Thursday pubbing in a way, it's generally quiet and easier to talk as a group, which is nice.

I did most of the weekend stuff, and it was good.

I have to write about my day in Norwegian.
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