March 16th, 2010


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I am tired. I don't think I've recovered properly from IVFDF yet, but maybe it's just semester 2.
I tried going to bed at 9.15 last night, but although it was nice to have time to read in bed for a while, I was still awake at midnight, or later, and I'm no less tired today.

I don't really feel like going dancing, because I'm not sure I have the energy for people, but I'll probably feel better if I do.

Anyway, cheerful news:
  • Gitarkamaretene are playing Oslo. At a weekend. I probably shouldn't be away twice so close together - but on the other hand, it's a band who haven't played together for 20 years, who I didn't think there would ever be a chance to see. And I can get plane tickets for £35. I don't think I'm even going to dither about this one, wrong or not.
  • Les Miserables is coming to Edinburgh. I don't know why I've taken such a notion to see it, but I almost did in London, and then didn't, and now I don't need to go back.
  • My ILA Scotland account thing came. So now I need to work out what I'm going to learn - or learn first. But it will be nice to have something.
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