May 22nd, 2010


The arithmetic of exams and other stories

The arithmetic of exams: given 4 scriptbooks for each of 247 students, to be split up into 6 piles, to be divided among 7 markers (and there's also currently an seventh pile for People Who Didn't Read The Instructions), how much sanity will one person retain by the end of the week?

I am wearing (for the first time, because I think I bought it in last year's end of summer sales) a skirt which folds away into its own pocket. I'm a sucker for gimmicks. But it's also pretty, fits reasonably well, and is made of thin quick-drying material which will pack well even if I don't master the pocket trick - so I think the gimmickry is OK.

I'm also lying on the grass in the sunshine. Wireless is a wonderful thing :)

Having spent last night and this morning doing things which served no useful purpose (except possibly relaxation, but I don't have time for that), I think I need a real to-do list of the 'start at the beginning and keep going until you get to the end' type. Things like tomorrow's trip practice and next weekend's adventure need my attention, and a lot of other things want it.

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Well, I now have everything sorted out for next weekend's adventure - tickets to get there, and somewhere to stay when I do. Saturday night in Tobermory, because there didn't seem to be any hostel beds in Oban and Waverley calls there on the way back - so Sunday morning is for wandering back to Oban, and not for getting up very early to sail to Fort William and back. I get to do that in the evening anyway.

I got my username and password and student number from the OU, so I've been able to have a look at the course pages - and I've realised that I don't really have to wait until after the 5 days of sailing to start, because the textbook can go with me. I do have to wait until after Thursday, though.

And I've sent the two work emails I didn't get written in the rush of entering marks yesterday, and written the last social programme, and done a bit of trip organising stuff - but I still have a lot more to do, and it would have been nice to have managed more of it, or get out to the shops. *pokes herself*

And I'm sunburnt all over the backs of my legs and down my right arm. Oops.
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