July 26th, 2010


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I can't seem to manage to be in any one place for very long at the moment.

Having been back from Serbia for a week, I then went off to Tarbert for two days - I feel like someone has stuck a wedge in the middle of my holiday and prised it apart, because I left today, and go back next Monday to carry on where I left off, having been in 3 other countries, been on 3 new ferries and a paddlesteamer, and seen a lot of tall ships in between.

I accidentally went to see Titus Andronicus on Friday - I meant to see Twelfth Night, but it was sold out. I should have been packing, but I suddenly realised that it would be my last chance to make it to Bard in the Botanics, and ran off on a whim. It was well presented and well performed, but I'm not entirely sure what I thought of it. And I had forgotten it was the one mentioned at the end of The Fortune of War until we got to the end, at which point most of the audience started laughing.