December 17th, 2010


Not exactly connected

I have a shiny new dress - literally, because it's much more silver than I expected. I thought it was sort of shimmery grey :)

I am going to see Runrig tomorrow - well, today - with vililee and tigger_boing, at Dunfermline. This is probably the right idea, as I don't really have the energy for the Barrowlands scrum anyway :)

I can't remember what I'm doing for the rest of the weekend, but probably too much.

And I fell on the ice and my hands hurt, and I should be asleep.

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Runrig confusion because the post have swallowed the tickets and won't give them back :(

Dress confusion because I found that somewhere else was now selling it for half the price, and ordered it again planning to take the first one back, then had it pointed out to me that John Lewis to a price matching guarantee thing - so I have filled in a form for that and then I might have to send the other one back instead...

I *think* that at the weekend I'm going Christmas shopping and to the pictures and maybe stooging for the RSCDS exams, but I could be wrong.
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