April 25th, 2011


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It was a nice weekend, and the weather was better than I expected - sunny but cold on Saturday, and drizzly but bearable on Sunday. The visit to Rum was a bit of a swizz (the Waverley never could do transferring people to small boats), but it was still nice to be back. (And it's surprisingly easy to slip into that world. I was honestly confused by a man near me complaining that the train service to Oban was very infrequent - there's an evening train, a lunchtime train, and *two* morning trains; what more could you want?)

And I read through and edited my astronomy assignment, and learnt about conservation and plant collectors, and I was hungry all the time, which was an improvement on Hadrian's Wall - now I just have to try sleeping properly as well.

This weekend - four and a half days of it - involves the North Highland line instead, and Skye and Raasay and Coll and Staffa, and possibly one or two of the four Calmac ferry routes I've still never been on. And then May and June are mostly stay at home months, apart from odds and ends, and maybe an adventure to Kew.

I have only just discovered that there is a whole society for being interested in Calmac ferries. How did I never know this before?

To do list for today:
  • Buy The Wine-Dark Sea
  • Change and resubmit astronomy assignment
  • Write the social programme
  • Questions 1 and 2 of the plants assignment
  • Sleep
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