Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I have fun with <ul> and <li>

Things I need to do:
    For New Scotland:
  • Book bands
    • Andy Kain - freshers' ceilidh
    • beginners' dance band
    • annual band
      • Ian Thomson
      • Gary Donaldson
    • David Anderson? - summer dance
    • Gary Donaldson - dem class
  • Talk to the copy centre
  • Look for old poster/flier designs for EM
  • Make a list of class start dates
    Bank stuff:
  • Pay in cheque from NS
  • Change address on account
  • Make a new account with a visa card
    Norway stuff:
  • to follow (see above about visa card)
  • Sort out IVFDF stuff (which was due a week ago!)
    • Ticket numbers
    • Reps meeting minutes
    • Other minutes
  • Buy
    • a computer
    • a bike
    • more trousers
    • unbroken sandals
  • Tidy
  • Be more organised

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