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On Tuesday I took four or five books (most of which I hadn't read) back to the library.
Last night, I got out four more :/

So the books I have now are:

Independence and Nationhood: Scotland 1306-1469
An Introduction to the Celtic Languages
Co Rinn E? (a Gaelic murder mystery which I would have taken back on Tuesday if I could find it)

And last night's selection:

Warlords and Holy Men: Scotland 80-1000 (because I started at 1000, accidentally)
Colloquial Norwegian (one of the books I took back was about Dutch, but I decided I didn't like Dutch as much as I thought)
Scandinavian Scotland
Diana Wynne Jones - Eight Days of Luke :) (yay for libraries with children's books in the education section)

I'll be very educated if I read all those :)
And possibly very poor, because I collect library books and then never get round to taking them back (although I only owe 20p at the moment)
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