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September seems to be an expensive month, partly because it involves planning adventures before the summer runs out, partly because of paying in advance for things to learn over the winter, and also, this year, because of Runrig tickets and shiny new tops and other things which I haven't necessarily bought yet, but want.[1]


Adventure A: to Oslo, from 15th-18th September.

Adventure B: to Oban and Coll and/or Lismore. Date undecided.

Adventure C: probably to Cologne, probably 15th-17th December, hopefully with phlebas. This obviously is not before the summer runs out

Possible adventure D: to Uist. Not sure when this will happen.

Things to learn:

It doesn't look like I'm going to manage to learn anything really new this term, just variations on old themes.

Monday: free for now...
Tuesday: NS classes 6.30-8. Fairly optional.
Wednesday: Norwegian 6.30-8.30
Thursday: NS classes 7-10(ish). This is where things get most interesting this year, as I have taken on teaching the beginners, which will be... fun... educational :)
Friday: Ballet 6-7 (hopefully, not booked yet)

So lots of dancing, which is nice...

I was hoping that I was going to be able to learn about hillcraft or rockclimbing in the council's weekend classes, but not only do they run on the same days as each other, they run on the saturday of freshers' weekend. So that's no use. I'll have to hope they run in the spring, and not on the IVFDF weekend...
I could learn about singing (which I can't) or stained glass, but it's not the same kind of fun.

Also dancebase have now started doing yoga classes at a time when working people can go, but it is saturday afternoons and would get in the way of visiting my gramma, and then I would miss bits and get confused. But I would like to try yoga - and dancebase would presumably be more movementy and less spiritual...

[1]Sometimes I feel like I am shallow and frivolous and waste all my money on pleasure. I think this is because I am scottish :/
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