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It may have been the very tail end of summer when I left for Oslo, but it has definitely been autumn since I came back - I'm having a last few days in sandals all the same.
Oslo is probably a week or so ahead of here with the colours changing, and slightly colder - no sandals there, but we ate our dinner sitting outside a cafe on Monday, on the grounds that there wouldn't be many more days when that was possible.
There are a few pictures up from our walk in the woods.

Things starting this week:
NS Thursday classes (i.e. teaching!)

Things starting next week:
NS other classes

Things to do at the weekend:
Visit my gramma
Buy more clothes
Go to the Eildon Hills
Write the beginners' dance programme
Write several weeks' worth of social programmes

My book finally came from Penguin, now that I don't have time to read it.

I bought 5 new CDs when I was in Oslo. This is a good thing.

Gitarkameratene (already had copied)
Røta - Hellbillies' Beste
Tålt - Bjørn Eidsvåg

The Proclaimers - This is the Story (already had copied)
Dire Straits - Communique
(These are obviously not Norwegian, but were cheap and I wanted them.)

I am planning to write more about the Oslo trip, which was wonderful, but it won't be tonight.
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