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this week

Today the Norwegian class starts again, and I have a new blue notebook for writing new Norwegian in. I had a red notebook last year - I am very colour coded.

On Monday I had a blue top, a green skirt, a sock with orange toes, a sock with yellow toes, and brown shoes. And when I went out in the evening and it was cold I had a red longsleeved top as well. This made me strangely happy :)
I have been more subduedly mostly brown and green since then, but I do have a Tuesday sock and a Thursday sock today, in the hope that it'll add up to Wednesday.

Monday evening was a nice prowly sort of night, with a bite to the wind and a nearly full moon, and I went walking around in the dark, and it was fun.
Yesterday I went to tigger_boing's class and danced, and that was fun too.
I think I like weeks when things happen :)
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