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in which there is some update

Thursday night's class seemed to go pretty well - introducing strathspey, and going on with a lot of cornery stuff. There are now three weeks until the beginners' dance, so I really need to work out what I have to fit into that time...

On Friday I went to Newcastle with tigger_boing to see Runrig. This was quite hectic, since it involved me leaving KB at 5 to get to Waverley by 5.30, and her rushing back from outdoor education things at North Berwick, but we both made it, and arrived in Newcastle and at the venue in time to see part of the support act (fairly standard one-man-and-a-guitar style support, but pretty good).
The City Hall in Newcastle is one third of a large pillared building, the other two thirds of which are the City Baths and swimming pool. This seems slightly strange to me, but it's a nice hall, and I liked our seats - we were right at the front of the side balcony, actually over the front of the stage (more or less above Malcolm's head, looking over at Calum and Rory), which made a good (if unusual) viewpoint for watching both the band and the audience. The concert was very good - of course - although I was a bit disappointed it was exactly the same set as at Loch Ness. Just a few changes would have been nice :)
We had originally hoped to stay the night with a friend down there - she turned out to be away, but she sent us her house key so that we could stay there anyway. We felt this was very kind :)
We came back yesterday morning, on a train via Carlisle, which made for nice scenery, but a slow journey.

Unfortunately I don't seem to have done much with the rest of the weekend, apart from spending lots of money on Amazon. I nearly bought a top with autumn leaves on it, but they didn't have it in my size :(
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