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When we went to the quiz on Monday night, my mother brought me a magic bag of things which I had lost years ago, and she had just found in a box. Most of it had been lost for about 3 or 4 years, I think, but there was one notebook there which was obviously much older, containing this report of my first hamster, who we got when I was 11 or 12.
vililee thinks it must have come from when we first had a newspaper-creating computer programme and were producing the Family News, but it may just have been writing practice.

Although we have not had Nibbles very long he has already escaped 3 times. The first time was at Bathgate, the day we got him. One of the bars on his cage was bent and he was so small that he managed to get out. This all happened when we were at the shows, and there was a panic when we got back. We found him sitting in a shoe with a smartie. (He still likes shoes.)
The second time was when Susan came to stay. We put him in the doll's house and forgot about him, and he got out, but we found him in a corner.
The third time was when we wanted to see if he could still get out through the bars. We bent the four corner bars and then decided he couldn't but we forgot to bend one bar back and he did.
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