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Yesterday when I woke up the whole world had disappeared into blank white fog, as if someone had stolen it, or painted it out with whitewash. It wore off a bit through the day, but stayed white and hazy round the edges, which looked very nice where the distance was in layers.
Today is more grey and damp tasting, but I have on my new autumn leaves top.
I always forget how much I like autumn, because it leads down into the darkness which I don't like.

Yesterday was a lunchtime concert day, and I went and listened to classical music (some interesting, some that sounded like very polite discord, and some that was enjoyable in bits but didn't seem to be joined up overall. But I am not very good at listening to classical music.)
In two weeks' time there is jazz, which will probably suit me better.

I was confused this morning by someone saying to me, after wondering why there were so many men in the accounts office, "Oh. I think they're building men."

It's the NS beginners' dance on Saturday, so I am hoping that it goes well and my beginners enjoy it - I'll feel bad if they don't. It looks like quite a few people are coming from other places, so this is good.

I learnt last night that norwegian dogs say 'voff'. I am sure I also learned more useful things, but that is what has stuck in my mind.
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