Jen (ylla) wrote,

Things I need to do at some point:
  • Buy new boots, preferably like these ones.
  • Buy a new hat to replace the lost one.
  • Not bite my nails.
  • Moisturise my hands so my skin stops coming to bits. Hopefully.
  • Plan an adventure.
  • Dye my hair.
Leftover things I still need to do:
  • Go to the bank, and the other bank.
  • Work out plans for the phlebasadventure.
  • Rescue my new old bike from tigger_boing's.
  • Finish reading my book that I am meant to have written about weeks ago.
  • Tidy my room.

All the skin is coming off my nose, which is unattractive. Also my sides hurt from coughing.

I will hopefully be spending various parts of this weekend at the Fiddle Festival, which should be fun.

Next weekend I was planning to have an adventure to Mallaig, only now I have been invited to two things I want to do on the Friday night, so I don't know where to go. It is not easy to have good adventures on winter timetables.

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