Jen (ylla) wrote,

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It is cold and grey and dark and damp and miserable outside - it doesn't seem to have bothered getting light today at all - and my nose and ears are full of ick. This does not inspire cheerfulness.

Progress and attempted progress on the list:

  • Buy new boots - I could only find shiny purple ones, which is not what I want
  • Not bite my nails. - Well, kind of.
  • Moisturise my hands so my skin stops coming to bits. Hopefully. Ongoing...
  • Plan an adventure. Still need to book accommodation.
  • Go to the bank, and the other bank - foiled by my passport not turning up in the tidying...
  • Tidy my room - I'm trying. I've removed a lot of rubbish from it, but there's so much stuff in it that it never really seems to get any tidier :/
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