Jen (ylla) wrote,

You know the thing where you have to be up early to do something, and you're so focused on the waking up bit that the sleeping bit doesn't work? That. :(

My nose and ears feel like they are full of glue. I disapprove.

I seem to only make gloomy posts. I will try to think of cheerful news.

  • A nice boy came back from Canada and brought me nerds.
  • I have a lego advent calendar :)
  • I am having an adventure to Skye (but I think it is going to rain there).
  • I found my passport.
  • I bought purple boots :)
  • I won £72 pounds in the lottery - or my mother won it for me, but she gave me it.
  • vililee recorded Dr Who and Runrig from Children in Need for me :)
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