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I have been mostly too busy doing Decembery things to have time to write about them, so here is the condensed version:
  • I went to see Runrig twice, one with vililee, and once with a boy from my work.
  • We had SUSCDF, and it was very good.
  • We learnt a very good new dance which I have now forgotten the name of. You go off and dance in bits of other people's reels of four, and it is entertaining :)
  • I had my Norwegian speaking test, and got 82%
  • We had our Secret Santa lunch at work, and I got some toffee and an umbrella.
  • There was extended social with lots of good dances, and I was not very drunk :)
  • A meanie bus tore my good red jacket.
  • I went to Cologne with phlebas, and it was good :)
  • The canal is frozen (or was last night), and we have a pretty view of white frosty fields.
  • Lots of people have given me presents and more people have given me cards and I feel all loved :)
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