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in which there are resolutions

I have read various things saying that you shouldn't make vague resolutions, but to me the kind where you say 'I will do x every day' are both too restricted and too easily broken. A resolution for me is generally a way of saying 'I am aware that x happens, and should try to keep that in mind so that I can notice it happening and do something about it'. Although sometimes not.

So. Resolutions.

This year I will try

  • to be more organised
  • to do things instead of stressing about them (cutting the knot before it gets too tangled)
  • to get up in time to walk to work
  • to go outside at lunchtimes (unless it's absolutely bucketing down, or otherwise inappropriate)
  • to read all the books Tom sends Polly in Fire and Hemlock
  • to do some new things

The fourth one was forced on me yesterday by there being no food place open in KB, meaning I had to walk to Cameron Toll in a lot of snow to get some lunch, which was unpleasant. It hasn't happened today yet...
The third happened yesterday but not today, partly because I had to go and buy some lunch on the way.
I might try to walk St Cuthbert's Way this year. I think that would be fun.

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