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today's adventure

Today I went on an adventure with Jonny. It's something we do occasionally, although we haven't done it for quite a while.
This was only a little adventure, because he had to be home to go and eat dinner at his parents' house for mother's day.
I wanted to go to North Queensferry and see the fishes at Deep Sea World, but Jonny didn't, and so we decided to go to Blackness Castle instead, and then to Linlithgow Loch to feed the ducks.
We planned to start about 11ish, but Jonny forgot that the clocks had gone forward, and didn't turn up until half past 12. I was more than half expecting him to do it, though, so I wasn't very worried (I'd forgotten about the clocks myself until vililee told me that morning). Then we set off towards Boness, but accidentally found ourselves heading for the Forth Road Bridge instead, and ended up in Fife. As we were nearly there anyway, I decided that we might as well go down into North Queensferry and see the sea and swing on the swings there, so we did that, and then set back off to where we'd meant to go.
After that slight mishap, we managed to get onto the Boness road and find Blackness without too much trouble, apart from a signpost that told us the castle was 1 1/4 miles away, but didn't actually seem to point to any road that we could turn off down.
Blackness Castle is shaped a bit like a boat, built on a promontary with a square end that faces the land and a pointy end that faces the sea. Unfortunately, we couldn't get in because it didn't open until 2 on Sundays, and we didn't feel much like hanging about (we wanted lunch, apart from anything else). So after a bit of skiffing stones and playing football with the sea, we set off towards Linlithgow, which we managed to find without any trouble (possibly too little trouble, as we got there before Jonny expected, so that he complained when we entered it that we'd got into a place that didn't have any signs for Linlithgow in it).
Then we went and bought food from a cafe and took it down to the lochside to eat (typically, the sun went in between us deciding this and actually managing to do it). Then we went round the palace (after jonny had bought some sealing wax and a small cross-stitch nessie in the shop). It's cool, but much like any other old castle - so just imagine the last one you went to :) It also has too many stairs in it. After that it was still quite early, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to go, so we started heading back towards Edinburgh, through Winchburgh and Kirkliston and some roads we didn't mean to go on, because we got onto a road I didn't know was there, due to there being writing over it on the map. We passed a sign that said 'Lorries Turning', which seemed to go to Jonny's head.

I didn't see any lorries. Did you?
Maybe they're invisible lorries.
Well if they are, I hope they're unfeelable too.
Maybe it meant to say 'invisible intangible lorries turning', but there wasn't room. But if we can't see or feel them, why do they need a sign?
Maybe it's in case we hear them and don't know what's going on.
Did you hear anything?
So invisible, intangible, silent lorries. Maybe it's in case we smell them. Did you smell anything?
No, but I'm inside the car. Maybe the sign meant to say 'Lorries turning sometimes', but there wasn't room.
No, I think it's invisible, intangible, silent, odourless lorries.
We've missed out a sense. Oh, but we wouldn't want to taste lorries.
Invisible, intangible, silent, odourless, tasteless lorries turning.

Then we came back to my house, and sat out in the garden for a bit (it was lovely and sunny and warm), and then Jonny went off to see his own parents.

And then later on I nearly threw a book at my father, but I think we're all reasonably calm again now.
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