Jen (ylla) wrote,

I suppose I should post some cheerful news :)

On Sunday I went skating with Rems and we learnt to go round corners on one foot and it was fun. I like skating, and I like learning how to do interesting things with my feet.
Then I went to a committee meeting and then I went and had dinner with Rems and other people and we ate strange dutch food and that was good as well.

I have started to work out my holidays for the year. I am going to Jersey and Belgium and hopefully Tarbert and Firbush, and then I still have 9 days for potential Norwaying, and Waverleying with phlebas, and other things, if I have counted right.

I have a £25 Amazon Voucher to spend, and also £100 in money (and another £100 for buying either a better digital camera or a ball dress... hmmm, decisions).

Norwegian starts again tonight, yay. I am supposed to have been thinking about what I will do a talk on later in the term, which I have not, very much.

I read a book about The Unfolding of Language, and it was very interesting.

The sun is shining :)
I should go for a walk in it before it stops.
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