Jen (ylla) wrote,

Today should have been a good day, because I spend most of it doing fun things.

I had the band staying with me after tigger_boing's birthday ceilidh last night, but I managed go to the bath with a cup of tea before they surfaced. I enjoyed that.

Once they had gone, I went skating with Rems - we had a different teacher today, but it was still good. Fancy skating is difficult.

Afterwards we went to a 1st birthday party with lots of other NS people, and played with all the new toys. Which was fun, and being sociable is good :)

Since then I have mostly been wasting time. I am now putting more music in my mp3 player in the hope of convincing myself that I have done something useful today, but I think probably the most useful thing now is to sleep in the hope of making tomorrow easier.
(Sunrise moves before 8am in the middle of this week, yay - and sunset after 5pm about next weekend)
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