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There are several more useful things I could be doing than planning adventures, so planning adventures is what I am doing...

The adventure year is looking a bit like this:

27th-31st March - Jersey
2nd-5th May - Waverley
23rd-26th June - Firbush
10th-18th July - Schoten trip
4th-8th August - Tarbert
3rd-5th October - Oslo

Other adventure dates:
19th-21st April (Monday holiday)
18th-20th May (Monday/Tuesday holiday)
13th-15th September (Monday holiday)

That leaves 5.5 days of holiday (or 6 if I work a Saturday morning when there's exams) - I'm hoping to spend a week or so going round the south coast of Norway from Sandefjord to Stavanger or Bergen, so that'll be maybe another 5.

My two lives are clashing in a few places - if I spend the whole weekend doing Waverley things I have to miss Castle Ceilidh, which I enjoy - and I had hoped to use the 4 day long weekend in May for St Cuthbert's Way, but it's the Summer Dance and barbecue weekend. You can't have everything...

Things to be done for the first adventure:
Train to Greenock
Waverley tickets
Accommodation in Oban
Train back from Oban?

I have a new icon for adventures :)
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