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I have been doing lots of interesting things (and a lot of not so interesting things as well), but then I have no time or no energy to write about them, which is not so good.
Most of it involved dancing :)

The end of the term was Thursday - I was in work yesterday because I'm off next Friday instead, but hardly anyone was around. I spent most of the day printing out and tearing off the strips of barcodes the students stick on their exam papers, and listening to the radio. Things should be a bit quieter at work for the next few weeks, although we're preparing for the exams, and definitely quieter in the evenings, which will be nice for a change - at least it will give me more time to be busy with different things.

Last night I went to visit tigger_boing and she made me yummy dinner (I was starving, because of the eating my lunch for breakfast thing, and no shops open at KB). Then we watched Love Actually, despite it being the wrong time of year. Because there is no wrong time of year for Liam Neeson, and I didn't have much brainpower left for doing more complicated things.

I am planning adventures, which means I feel like a sort of poor man's expedia from the amount of time I have spent trying to work out the best way to do things - partly this is because I have complicated adventures, and partly because expedia (or any other site I know of) doesn't really help much with the things I am trying to find out (including budget airlines, and with times and prices tending to matter more than directness and exact places - I'm quite happy, for example, to travel from Edinburgh to Oslo by flying from Glasgow Prestwick to Torp.) Actually, I suspect all expedia is useful for is working out whose websites you should try looking at :)

This week I have mostly been listening to Lillebjørn Nilsen. This is a good thing. But this is the same night as the last performance of the trip, which isn't.
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