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Today started at 8am, when the postman arrived bringing a slightly squished easter egg from albanach's mother. Then at 8.30 our parents arrived back from Dublin, where they'd been since Wednesday, so by that time I was stuck awake. They brought me scotland socks and propelling pencils and chocolate rabbits and hair clasps and postcards of illuminations from the book of durrow and the book of kells, so that was good. (So was getting them back, although I didn't miss them as much as I thought I might.)

For most of the rest of the day I was sleepy and lazy - sewed and read and got sat on by the cat (who spent most of the day asleep in an armchair, leading me to suspect she'd been a dirty stopout cat again) and sat out in the sun for a while, and watched snooker on tv. Oh, and spodded a bit. Ate chicken and salad for tea, and then came through to Glasgow to check mail and stuff, since I hadn't been here for ages.

The SNP want me to work for them for another week, feeding a Very Hungry Database. Which is good, I suppose. I'm only working 9-5 for them, unlike albanach, but it still makes me inordinately sleepy. I had yesterday off, but I didn't go to the zoo like I'd planned, for fear it would be overrun by noisy children, and now I don't get to go for at least another week. Bah. Actually, I didn't do much yesterday at all except go shopping for easter eggs. (Mingles. Yum :) )

I may still tell you about the Tarbert weekend and the Arrochar weekend at some later date, but not tonight. I think I'll go and join my furry bear in bed.
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