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I am mostly bored at work and stressed by life, so I keep wanting to buy things. This presumably makes sense somehow.

It still the university easter holidays. And I have had my holiday, and there are no students around and hardly any academics, and all there is to do is sorting out exams, which means a lot of photocopying and a lot of labelling envelopes and nothing at all to think about.
I do not like having nothing to think about, and then I think about all sorts of randomness instead.

And I have lots of worrying things to think about because I am moving, and I still don't know where to, and I have to pack a whole room into boxes, and clean all the flat (which we had to clean when we moved in as no one had bothered and it was filthy), and deal with all the random bits of nobody's business because I will be the only left at the bitter end.
Also trip hassle and general NS hassle and other hassle and it is all not good.


I finally got round to spending some of my Christmas book tokens on Saturday, and got four books:
Shakespeare - Bill Bryson
Fragile Things - Neil Gaiman
What Do You Care What Other People Think - Richard Feynman
Archer's Goon - Diana Wynne Jones
I had basically read them all by the end of the weekend, and started rereading The House by the Thames, so I must have been in a reading mood.

On Sunday I bought a blue dress with flameyorange flowers on it. This was also a leftover Christmas present, I suppose :)

Now I want to buy more books. And a scottish adventure. And a cool red camera.
marble says that all good cameras are black, but I'm not sure how he defines good. And black cameras are not shiny and red and pretty...
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