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Yesterday I took the day off from stressing and worrying, and spent most of it climbing up rocks - coloured fake rocks at Linlithgow in the morning, and real rocks in a quarry behind KB in the afternoon. It was fun, mostly. I am a bit sore today, but not as much as I thought I might be.
After that I went to look at a flat (nice, but no way I could fit all my stuff in the room), and then I went and collapsed on cblgg1's couch and he gave me chinese food to eat and beer to drink and magazines to read and dr who and bizarre norwegian folktales to watch. This is a good kind of evening, I think.

Today I have taken three bags of glass to the recycling place and tried to clean the bath and done various other bits of tidying, and then I went to try to view another flat, but they didn't answer their door or their phone, so I went to Tescos and bought food instead.
Plan for the rest of today is to hopefully get the 'easy' (i.e. fairly empty) rooms sorted out (two rooms no one is now living in, hall, bathroom, kitchen, in ascending order of difficulty. Although I am kind of annoyed with one ex-flatmate for packing lots of furniture into the boxroom, and not bringing it out again).
Then I can get on with moving the packed/easily classifiable stuff out of my room, to make more room to try to organise the rest in...
Also there are probably still three more bags of glass, and then cardboard and stuff to be take for recycling. And all sorts of random other things, not all actually mine.
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