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come to norway they've got lions

My main achievement of the last couple of days appears to have been getting tickets to see Terry Pratchett in the Book Festival :)
(I was quite surprised I managed that - I think I have this idea that certain things can only ever be got by special professional ticket buyers from the south, and locals should accept their lowly status - but I'd got through twice by 11ish, first for me and then again when cblgg1 decided to join me :) )

I won't get rich if I keep buying tickets and books - but it's another thing off the list, anyway. Nothing else I want to see is likely to sell out quickly, so it can wait.

I have to book one more night's accommodation for the Norway adventure, and then I'm not allowed to think any more about anything happening after 18th July....

I have made two floods this week - one of coffee over my desk, and one of bath water over the floor. This is not a good achievement.

I have also been very distracted by norwegian lion cubs. Very cute. Maybe I should visit them when I'm there :)
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