Jen (ylla) wrote,

good things and bad things

+ I went to Firbush, and I went sailing and cycling and kayaking and windsurfing and it was good.
- Now I have sore holes in my thumbs and bruises on my legs and aches everywhere.

+ albanach has sent me two mugs with red islands on them (through the medium of his mother) so that even if I break another one I still have one.

+ My book festival tickets came.

- Norwegian are messing me about, and I am annoyed.
I was being really organised a while ago and booked flights for the Oslo dance workshop in October - flying Gardermoen to Gatwick with Norwegian, then Gatwick to Edinburgh with BA, with plenty of time in between. Only (after already changing the flight time once) they've now arbitrarily changed me onto a flight to Stansted hours earlier.
It is early enough that I could make it to Gatwick for the second flight - but even if I could face crossing London at the end of a hectic weekend, it's cheaper to get an easyjet flight from Stansted to Edinburgh than a train ticket from Stansted to Gatwick...
It'll work out, but I dislike being messed about when I'm trying to be organised.

I think there were other things but I am tired and have forgotten them.
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