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In which I am finished being cultural

Two more good talks at the Book Festival yesterday, so it's doing pretty well overall.
(I don't think I wrote about the first two: Terry Pratchett was really good, the lots of Norwegian people were ok)

The morning one was Alistair Moffat (who I would go to see talk about anything), and Marc Morris (who I'd never heard of but apparently has been on TV talking about castles), talking about Hadrian's Wall and Edward I, respectively. A sort of border/conquest theme, separated by a thousand years or so :)
Both were really interesting, and good speakers - they could both have done with more time, but made good use of what they had.

The evening was Gaelic Fiction - my dose of culture for the year :)
I always go along to this, and rarely buy the books, and never get round to trying read them if I do. (Although I don't read much general fiction in English, to be fair.)
But I generally enjoy the talks, and I did this time as well (one book was about a Lewis sailor on the Bounty, the other about a man trying to follow his life from Harris to the south of England over the course of one long day).
It's a pity there weren't more people there - I've seen it much busier. But it's the first talk I've been to who invited the whole audience to join them in the Spiegelbar afterwards, anyway :) (being a wuss, I went home.)

The bookshop has not yet relieved me of large amounts of money, but I may have to go back tonight so that it can.

In between I went and ate ridiculous amounts of food with lots of nice people, which was fun.
But I'm not sure where the weekend went.
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