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I am very tired.

The weekend was fun but a bit manic - games on Friday night (I came last in both), not enough sleep, fiddle festival on Saturday afternoon, cooking 6 pizzas, the beginners' dance (great fun although there wasn't quite enough room for all the people), party, more not enough sleep (sharing a bed due to the number of people staying where I was, which never works well for me), more games on Sunday afternoon (and I won one this time!), then dinner and Dr Who with cblgg1. See above for the result.

The bank messed up my account by trying to take some money back out before they had put it in - or something equally inexplicable. But it seems to be working again now.

vililee has bought me the last Cadfael book that I hadn't read. It appears to have Sister Magdalen and Wales and other good things in it :)

Thursday seems to be sneaking up on me again. I am a bit scared of what I need to teach tomorrow night...
(And I want to go the the Norwegian Carol Concert, if only to find out what is Norwegian about it, and I can't)

This weekend I am having an adventure to the west coast. I think it is supposed to rain.

I am in love with the fox from google's teahouse theme. He is adorable :)

As usual I have forgotten the rest.
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